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The Historical Island of Samos Greece

Samos is a very beautiful green island with a varied nature. The beaches are vast and the island has a very rich history.
The island is located close to the Turkish coast, a strait of just over a kilometer separates the island from the neighboring country. Samos is one of the larger Greek islands and it is part of the Aegean Sea. The island is also visited by walkers and nature lovers.

During the summer months, many beach, sun and sea lovers will be happy to visit. When you have been to Samos you really do not want to go anywhere else on holiday, the island gives you a feeling of being in love! With the calm wind called “Meltemi”, a nice northeast wind, it makes it even more pleasant, because this wind is very welcome in the summer months, the temperatures can rise to more than 40 degrees!

Vathy Samos city

The port town of Samos is protected between the beautiful green hills, Vathy and the capital of Samos and has a great center.
The square on the harbor side is beautifully tiled with marble. Here you will find the statue of the beautiful marble lion, which keeps watch and is surrounded by beautiful palm trees, which protect the lion wonderfully from the sun. The weather-beaten houses in the city, built along the boulevard, give a wonderful impression of the antiquity of the island. Enjoy the many terraces and restaurants and of course take a look at the streets with its beautiful shops. From the city you can take a ferry trip to Kusadasi in Turkey and in the evening you will sail back to Samos town.


Karlovassi has a very rich culture as well as its history. The various tanneries in the early 1900s and the thriving tobacco trade play a major role in this.
Of course Karlovassi has a beautiful sand-pebble beach and several nice bars and restaurants that you will definitely visit when you are on Samos.

Samos Holiday Offers

Hotel Cattleya

Hotel Cattleya

Hotel Cattleya. Coffee/tea in a common area, concierge services and dry cleaning are available at ...
Kalidon Panorama

Kalidon Panorama

With a homely atmosphere and a location in the heart of the village, the Hotel Kalidon is a great ...
Proteas Blu Resort

Proteas Blu Resort

This contemporary Proteas Blu Resort hotel comes with a chic pool scene and sea-view restaurants. ...
Nereides Apartments

Nereides Apartments

This Nereides apartment building features a restaurant, free self-parking and free WiFi in public ...
Arion Hotel

Arion Hotel

This Arion hotel in Kokkari features a restaurant, an outdoor pool and a poolside bar. Free ...
TUI SUNEO Hydrele Beach

TUI SUNEO Hydrele Beach

The TUI SUNEO Hydrele Beach couples family-friendly activities with a generous offering of bars. ...


Pythagoras was the most famous resident on the island and was a philosopher and mathematician, born 580 BC. At school, the well-known Pythagorean a2 + b2 = c2 theorem is still being taught today. The Fishermen still believe that his ghost is haunting Mount Kerkis, this is the highest mountain on the island and lies at 1435m in the west.
Pytagorion is named after Pythagoras and this is a super nice seaside resort on the south coast of Samos. You can come here and watch recreational boats from all over the world. The tourists who moor in the harbor of Pythagorion, clean their boat, do their shopping and have a great time on board. The holiday makers can watch all this from a cozy terrace while enjoying a delicious drink or the many other refreshments that are available.


The small fishing village of Ireon on the southeast side of the Greek island of Samos should not be missed either. You can see here the remains of the great Temple Hera, this temple was built 530 years after Christ. Of course there is also a wonderful beach in Ireon with nice bars and restaurants. A sun bed with parasol can also be rented here.


Kokkari in Samos is a wonderfully picturesque village with many terraces, restaurants and bars. This is actually the most popular resort on the island, it is nice and busy every year and the beautiful pebble beaches are very inviting. In Kokkari you can practice various water sports such as, windsurfing and boating. There is also a lot of snorkeling and deep-sea diving. The taverns and bars are open until late in the evening and the atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed.

Samos wine

Samos dessert wine is wonderfully sweet and this wine is brewed on the island itself. The many vineyards supply the grapes and this is used to make the dessert wine. The wines are drunk in combination with a nice cheese plate or a plate of fresh fruit such as melon or apple pieces. Often you get a small glass of wine after dinner in a restaurant and this is from the house, a friendly gesture from the Greeks, who want to make it as pleasant as possible on their beautiful island!

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum, contains an impressive sarcophagus and beautiful images from antiquity, you can also view stamps and coins here. Another small museum in the interior near the town of Mitilini shows a series of bones of animals that perished four million years ago, this happened on the mountain top. This trip can be made in 1 day, with public transport or a rental car of course. Public transport is cheap and therefore much is used, but full = full so be on time!

Psili Ammos

Psilli Ammos is a beautiful sandy beach with very cozy beach tents and wonderful sun beds. The water is clear again and runs extremely gradually, ideal for going with children. At the top of the beach you can park your car for a fee, you then pay at the supermarket and if you are a customer of one of the beach tents you can just drive down and you can park for free right on the beach. There is also an opportunity to put on your swimwear and take a shower. The strait to neighboring Turkey is only 3 km away.

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