Samos eating and drinking

Eating and drinking on Samos

The quality of the kitchen on Samos is generally better than in the rest of Greece. The numerous restaurants and taverns provide a wide choice and, thanks to competition, keep prices reasonably under control.
Strangely enough, fish (on an island) is not available in abundance and if you order a fish meal, the bill can be quite high.

Coffee in Samos

Coffee is often the biggest problem for most holiday makers. If you just order coffee, you usually get a “Ness” or a kind of instant coffee. With traditional Greek coffee (kafe eliniko), ground coffee, sugar and water are boiled up and served in a small cup, you have to wait a few minutes for the coffee to settle.
You can get a reasonable espresso or cappuccino in most cafes and restaurants, but the quality often varies enormously and the prices are relatively high for coffee on Samos.

In addition to the normal restaurants on Samos, you can also find a so-called Ouzeri in various places. This is the Greek version of a tapas bar and you can order drinks and small snacks (mezedes) here.
The so-called Gyros restaurants are surprisingly good, usually in the form of a kind of snack bar. You can eat a good meal for a few euros.


A large and extensive breakfast is not common in Greece. Greeks themselves usually need a cup of coffee and a piece of bread. In hotels you can usually use a more extensive breakfast, both continental and english, and there is often an extensive buffet available.


It is not common for the Greeks to have lunch before 2:00 pm, but for the tourists most restaurants are open as from 12:00 and do not close again until midnight.


Greeks like to eat long and extensive and in the summer months they rarely eat before 10 p.m. Tradition with the Greeks is that a person at the table pays and separate bills are actually only requested by vacationers. If you want split bills, it is best to specify this when ordering.

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