Aphrodite Garden Restaurant

Aphrodite garden restaurant began its gastronomic journey in 1992, in Pythagorion and its home became a beautiful garden of orange trees, lemon trees and bougainvilleas in the centre of town. Aphrodite garden restaurant, tried to combine traditional and modern elements, by evolving traditional Greek recipes. Select the freshest products on a daily basis, and make sure the dishes are cooked healthily, that’s why they used low acidity olive oil in all dishes, and avoid fried meals.
The base of wine list is from famous Samos wines and is completed with the best varieties from the whole Greece, presenting the Greek vineyard in the “leading role”.
Since its very first appearance, Aphrodite garden restaurant has caused a stir in Greek gastronomy and has received many awards for its efforts throughout the years, but the best reward will always be the love and trust of its faithful guests all this years.


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